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Please be advised that there are two new adventures starting now. One is set in the Darkest Age setting, taking place in the Earthly Realms fantasy version of the Eleventh Century. It is called the Tomb of the Sea-Serpent King. The other is set right at the beginning of the Eldritch Flowering, highlighting the events which lead to the rise of magic and faeriedom in Europe during the Late Merovingian period between the seventh and tenth centuries. In general, the rules of most fantasy RPGs apply, although I am adhering strictly to the geography of Earth, and departing from Earth history only slightly in order to produce these settings. Have fun!

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 Overview of The Eldritch Flowering

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PostSubject: Overview of The Eldritch Flowering   Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:32 pm

The Eldritch Flowering is a setting that takes place between the early seventh and late tenth centuries A.D., mostly in Europe. Due to the rediscovery of ancient Egyptian treatises on magic and the planes of existence beyond the mortal world, fantasy and legendary elements have begun to return to the world. The widening use of magic to enhance life leads to rapid advancement in human culture, such that by the end of this epoch, humanity has advanced to the point that it reached in our world only by the end of the sixteenth century. Many of the same historical figures play a role on the world stage, but those roles are different from what we know today. For instance, Charlemagne is not the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. That distinction belongs to a Merovingian King, and takes place a century earlier. That said, the grandson of Charles Martel is still in the picture as a conniving Mayor of the Palace in the Franconian backwaters of the empire.
Creatures of legend exist, but are often not apparent in daily life. Faeries and elves must appear in true form only at night or when surrounded by mists or other darkness. Vampires and werewolves are even more constricted by the light of day. Dragons have been banished from the material world, but are able to assert their power over those whose vision extends beyond everyday life.
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Overview of The Eldritch Flowering
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