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Please be advised that there are two new adventures starting now. One is set in the Darkest Age setting, taking place in the Earthly Realms fantasy version of the Eleventh Century. It is called the Tomb of the Sea-Serpent King. The other is set right at the beginning of the Eldritch Flowering, highlighting the events which lead to the rise of magic and faeriedom in Europe during the Late Merovingian period between the seventh and tenth centuries. In general, the rules of most fantasy RPGs apply, although I am adhering strictly to the geography of Earth, and departing from Earth history only slightly in order to produce these settings. Have fun!

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 The Islamic Invasions and the Birth of Alchemy

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PostSubject: The Islamic Invasions and the Birth of Alchemy   Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:35 pm

When Muslims began to expand from the Arabian Peninsula in the early seventh century, they destroyed many works of what they considered to be idolatrous or pagan knowledge, including most of the contents of the Library of Alexandria. Copies of the Egyptian Magical Papyri survived the onslaught, however, and made their way into the personal collections of the Almoravid Caliphate. For the next several centuries, Islamic and Jewish scholars debated freely about the merits and meaning of the scrolls, some of whom may have been familiar with the Voces Magica. Abu Musa As-Saqr Jābir ibn Hayyān, a scholar in the court of the Abbasid Caliph of Persia during the eighth century, was instrumental in reinterpreting part of the collection, finding within it a treatise on advanced alchemical formulae. Naming his work the Wisdom of Egypt, or, roughly translated, Sophia Alchymia in Greek, Assager (as he was known among western scholars) rediscovered the methods for practical alchemy. Alchemists have been able to create potions and magical spell components largely through careful study of the Sophia Alchymia ever since. Although Assager's works advanced the science of poisons as well as potions, his name bears no etymological link to the word “assassin,” as some scholars assert.
Islam, for the most part, tolerates magic, with the exception of that which creates illusions, which serves only to glorify the spellcaster, or which invokes powers other than Allah. Depending upon the whim of the local authorities, however, these restrictions may be interpreted narrowly, and violations penalized severely.
The science of thaumaturgy, or non-religious magic, relies heavily upon the combined use of alchemical theory derived from the Sophia Alchymia and the incantations of the Voces Magica.
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The Islamic Invasions and the Birth of Alchemy
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